The idea

Is there already something similar? If yes, how would yours be different? Would it be a desktop/mobile app or website? You bring the idea to the table, we bring our knowledge. During deep research we will get you all the answers.

UX & UI design

The most complex part, this is the essence of the process. We start with user interviews and won't stop till we have a perfectly reasoned and tailor made design. In the meantime we make tons of sketches, wireframes, we design and test to best serve the business goals and user demands as well.


We live on Earth. We have a fantastic developer team within our reach - EN-CO Software - who we have been working together with for ages. So if you would like to entrust the development to us, a very competitive team will make your dreams come true.


IBM registration app

information architecture user journey

The tablet app was made for IBM Innovation Center. It replaced and automated the paper based administration of education. When we design for everyday use, it's highly important to get to know our users and their demands. The most important is to test the product as it's a tool for work.

Enduraid race nutrition planner

user journey best practice research prototype design

Enduraid is a mobile application, which helps you to create the optimal race nutrition protocol tailored to the challenges of your current race and training. The application takes your personal capabilities, objectives, climatic conditions and - most importantly - physiological principles regarding refreshment and energy intake into account.

Cardnet mobile app

information architecture user journey design

The project goal was to design the interfaces of the Windows-based application, which are installed on the PC POS terminals of OMV Hungary. The application had to be able to serve functions like topping up/charging mobile phone prepaid card, parcel services, charging online payment tools and services of highway toll stickers/tickets.

International websites of Ford

information architecture user journey prototype design

We implemented a solution to renew the Ford Edm portal system that is able to serve 20 markets at the same time. The development is based on .NET, we used Orchard solution as CMS engine. The photo-based structure enables Ford to adjust the mood of the site to the changing contents so the design and the content of the site are always up to date for the new visitors.

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How do we work?



Stakeholder interview, briefing

We estimate the business requirements, motivations and goals. We record the brief, set the design process and define the goals.

Information architecture design

We plan the exact structure of your product, and design a logical system where navigation is intuitive and delightful.

Userflow design

It's very important how people feel about using your product. We do our best to design an intuitive, consistent and ergonomic system, which will motivate them to use it regularly.


UX design


We choose the best from many different ideas to work with and unfold. We make digital wireframes from the paper sketches. These wireframes contain the final texts, the exact visual hierarchy and relations and we choose the very best interactions for the product.

Best practice research

During the design process we will meet a wide array of difficulties. We offer customised solutions for these problems based on best practices.

Prototype design

If we have a badass wireframe with all the problems solved, we make a clickable prototype of it without corporate identity. This way we make sure that the website is suitable from the design as well as the business point of view, and it's also developable. We iterate as many rounds as it is necessary.


UI design


We dress up the product here. By collecting visual inspirations we are able to create the mood of the product. This step is missing many times in spite of the fact that it is very important. Especially if the stakeholders don't exactly know what they want to see.


The essence. In the background we build up a system which the users can intuitively use, but they will only fall in love with the product if it looks beautiful as well. We design the skin based on the brand identity – or we can create that, too, if you don't have it yet.

Style guide and UI kit

We will give you a detailed guide for using the elements of the product so that further improvements and developments can keep the look-and-feel perfectly consistent.

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