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The solution for the everyday in a mobile app

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The app connects users in need of small everyday tasks, repairs around their homes with experts having the necessary skills. Any Zeboo user can offer help and supplement their incomes.

International websites of Ford

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We implemented a solution to renew the Ford Edm portal system that is able to serve 20 markets at the same time. The development is based on .NET, we used Orchard solution as CMS engine. The photo-based structure enables Ford to adjust the mood of the site to the changing contents so the design and the content of the site are always up to date for the new visitors.

Smart home mobile app

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The system includes the self-created central unit, its accessories and as a unique addition, an e-ink smart switch. This allows customers to control the subsystems in a conventional switch-like fashion.

Camera-based weight estimation web app

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PigBrother is a new decision support system optimized for the pig fattening industry by integrating image recognition technology and artificial intelligence. PigBrother monitors the pigs with the help of cameras and flow gauges, thus being able to estimate their population growth.

Alpaca website design

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Alpaca is a network of independent experts, who not only provide theoretical solutions for all your business questions, but are ready to make it happen at your request.

Furniture production support web app

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WooDo is a production optimization and sales support framework created for the furniture industry, connecting them with their clients, vendors and production line.

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The goal of the personalized UX consultancy is helping companies in product development and acquiring the design thinking methodology, thus making their workflows more efficient. We make progress together by continuous consultations.

Idea validation

If you have a good idea and want to know whether it is viable, we can help you find out. We use a range of qualitative research methods to determine user needs and expectations, analyze the state of the market and map the possible user flows.

UX Audit

Do you feel like something is not right with your digital product or service? Are you willing to redesign it and correct the flaws, but you don't know what they are and how to do it? First we analyze the product in an efficient manner and locate the problems and then create a plan to remedy them. The used techniques can vary based on the specifics of the product or service.

UI Design

We present the content and the pre-existing structure tailored to the needs of the target audience in the most engaging way. This includes coherently displaying the colors, the typography and all graphical components, and if needed, establishment of the identity.


When overhauling an existing service or product, we work together on the whole process from the UX audit and planning to the testing and visual revamp. We determine the success criteria at the beginning of the process to accurately show how better the end result is.

Product development

Our most comprehensive service involves a long term cooperation when we work together from transforming your idea into strategy to the finished design ready for implementation and afterwards on user analysis, continuously fine-tuning your product. The process is adapted to the theme of your idea and its complexity.


If you want your idea to come to life, we can help you with that, too. Our partner company is a team of a hundred software developers who can implement what we dreamed up—they can also create your product from external design.

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UI lead

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UX lead

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product designer

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